7 Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs to Help Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy

7 Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs to Help Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy

This post is all about benefits of goat milk for dogs!

Not only does goat milk have great health benefits for humans, the same goes for our canine friends too! If you have a dog that struggles with skin sensitivities, allergies, or digestive issues then goat milk just may be the key to solving your dog's issues naturally!

Even if your furry friend is perfectly healthy, goat milk can still be a great addition to your dog's life as a nutritious treat or a supplement to their balanced diet! We hope this blog post can help you learn all the different reasons why, as well as different ways to introduce goat milk into your dog's life!

We know you're going to be so grateful for these benefits of goat milk for dogs!

benefits of goat milk for dogs


Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs

Why is goat milk good for dogs?

Goat milk is chocked full of probiotics that can help improve a dog's gut health! The fat molecules in goat's milk are smaller than those in cow's milk, so it makes it easier to digest!

The benefits of raw goat milk for dogs far outweigh pasteurized milk. When milk undergoes pasteurization, it kills good and bad bacteria leaving it far less nutritious. Enzymes, biodiverse probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, lactase-producing bacteria, and more are all either destroyed or inhibited when goat milk is pasteurized. Raw goat milk still contains all the nutritional benefits that milk was originally supposed to have!

Does goat milk help dogs poop?

Yes, it supports a healthy digestive system and improves gut health! A dog suffering from diarrhea or constipation could benefit from the probiotics found in goat's milk!

Is goat milk anti-inflammatory?

Yes, the whey proteins and lactoferrin found in goat milk have anti-inflammatory effects! This can help relieve:
  • Joint pain
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • High blood pressure

Does goats milk help with dog allergies?

Yes, goat milk can be a great option for a dog who may need more protein in their diet but has allergies to other protein-rich foods. Goat milk is gentle on tummies and an easily digestible source of protein!

Does goat milk help with dogs dry skin?

The best way to use goat's milk for dogs' itchy skin is in a soap or shampoo that has goat's milk in it! Our Pet Soap is a carefully selected blend of essential oils that are in proportions safe for pets. This goat milk soap is great to use on dogs that experience dandruff, irritation from other shampoos, or just dry/itchy skin. You can read more about the amazing benefits of goat milk soap for dry skin in our blog 15+ Goat Milk Benefits That'll Blow Your Mind!

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How Much Goats Milk to Give My Dog

How much goats milk should I give my dog?

Most experts advise giving the milk in ounces based on weight; giving them 2oz for every 20 pounds.

Can I give my dog goat milk everyday? Is too much goat milk bad for dogs?

Goat milk is perfectly alright for dogs to consume every day in moderation. Goat milk should make up about 20% of your dog's balanced diet. So, be sure your dog is still getting a balanced meal every day along with the goat's milk.

Why is goat milk good for dogs?When and How to Give Your Dog Goat Milk

What kind of goat milk can I give my dog?

The best goat milk for dogs would be raw goat milk from a trusted source. This is because raw milk still has all the vitamins, minerals, and good bacteria still intact!

Pasteurized goat milk for dogs is okay if you do not have access to raw goat milk. It just would not have all the nutrition that raw milk contains. You can find goat milk at a grocery store or local convenience store.

Is grocery store goat milk good for dogs? Can dogs drink store bought goat milk?

Goat milk from the grocery store will be pasteurized, but it is perfectly safe and healthy for your dog to consume if that is the only access you have to goat milk. Pasteurized goat milk means it does not contain all the nutrition that raw milk has before it is pasteurized, but it will still be healthy and gentle on a dog's stomach!

Can I mix goat milk with dog food? How do you use goat milk in dog food?

Yes, you can mix goat milk with your dog's food. Goat milk is not meant as a full balanced meal. It is supposed to be used as an added supplement to your dog's diet. So, mixing goat milk with your dog's food is a great way to make sure your dog is having a balanced meal. Especially if your dog will not drink the goat milk on its' own.

You can simply pour the milk over your dog's food when you serve it to them! Another option is making some goat milk dog treats! Here is a recipe if you want to give it a try!

Can older dogs drink goat milk? Should adult dogs drink goat milk?

Yes, older dogs, as well as dogs of all ages, can benefit from all the nutrition found in goat milk. Especially raw goat milk, because the nutrition has not been pasteurized out of it! Goat milk is a great supplement for older dogs and is gentle for their tummies.
Yes, goat milk can help an underweight, malnourished, or sick dog gain some healthy weight. This is especially true since it may seem more appealing to lap up some goat milk rather than eating dog food for a sickly dog.
Goat milk given in moderation to a dog that is already at a healthy weight will be fine. If you have any concerns about their weight, speak to your dog's vet.
What else would you like to know about goat's milk or goat milk soap? Let us know in the comments! ☺️
This post was all about benefits of goat milk for dogs!
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