17 Must-Read Charcoal Soap Benefits

17 Must-Read Charcoal Soap Benefits

This post is all about charcoal soap benefits!

You may have spotted charcoal soap while looking around a boutique or skincare store. You may have even noticed charcoal toothpaste becoming all the rage recently. Charcoal has so many helpful benefits, primarily when used in a soap as skincare.

As a family-operated business who makes charcoal soap, we have done plenty of digging into its' benefits and are so excited to share them with you!

If you want to know why you should try charcoal soap, keep reading this post! We want to clear up any questions and help you decide if you should give charcoal soap a try!

Enjoy this post about charcoal soap benefits!


charcoal soap benefits


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Charcoal Soap Benefits

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Charcoal goat milk soap benefits

There are so many charcoal bar soap benefits! Especially when the charcoal soap has goat milk as the base. (You can learn more about goat milk soap vs. regular soap here.) Activated charcoal is known for being absorbent. This means when charcoal goat milk soap is used on the skin it can absorb oil, dirt, and dry skin from the surface of your skin and from your pores! It can even absorb odor and help to detoxify.

Because of the absorbent properties charcoal soap can be drying to the face. A charcoal goat milk soap will help to add moisture back to the skin and keep it from being too drying.

Where to buy charcoal soap

You can buy charcoal soap at nearly any convenience store or online. We have Activated Charcoal Goat Milk Soap available here on our website. It is a great clarifying charcoal soap!

If you tend to have dry skin you may want to go with activated charcoal goat milk soap vs. a regular charcoal soap bar. It is the best charcoal soap if you suffer from dry skin.

Here are just a few of our businesses charcoal soap reviews over the years:

"If you’re looking for a face wash that removes make up and dry skin? Look no further! By far the best thing I’ve found ! Not to mention how soft and hydrated my face feels!" - Christina


"I use their charcoal soap daily for my face, their bar soaps, body butter, laundry soap, and so much more! There are so many scents and products to choose from! I love everything about this business!" - Matelyn


"Absolutely love the charcoal soap! It’s like a micro-scrub that leaves the skin feeling super- clean! Definitely want some more of this- thank you!" - Nancy

activated charcoal goat milk soap

Try Faith Farms natural, non-toxic activated charcoal goat milk soap!

Charcoal soap benefits for skin

There are a variety of ways to use charcoal for skin:
  • For brightening skin
  • For exfoliation
  • For detoxing
  • For eczema
  • For acne

Charcoal soap benefits for face

You may be wondering if you can use charcoal soap on your face. The answer is, yes! It can actually help to detox your face. Here are some charcoal facial detox benefits:
  • Absorbs excess oils
  • Reduces pores
  • Cleanses and heals acne and blemishes
  • Reduces overall pore size
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Evens skin pigmentation

Charcoal is not only great in soap it can even be used on your face as a face mask to smooth and brighten skin or as a face peel to help remove blackheads!

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Charcoal soap benefits for hair

Charcoal has a lot of the same benefits for your hair as it does for your skin.

It works to detox your hair from toxins that may have built up over time while using conventional shampoo.

It gently cleanses while preserving the natural oils on your hair.

It can help soothe scalp irritations that come from flakiness such as dandruff. It works great for all hair types, but could potentially stain light colored hair if used too often.

Charcoal soap benefits for acne

Because of activated charcoal soap's absorbent properties, it is not too surprising that it can help improve blemishes that come from having acne!

Charcoal soap has magnetic adhesion properties that will pull the dirt right out of your pores. If you struggle with excess oil on the face it can gently cleanse the excess oil that clogs your pores while reducing pore size. This will help prevent future breakouts too!

If you are wondering about using activated charcoal for cystic acne it could be very beneficial! Although, cystic acne can be tricky and be caused by a number of reasons including diet, hormones, or genetics. It would not hurt to try!

Anywhere on your body that you may struggle with acne charcoal soap can aid in the healing process. You can even use charcoal soap for back acne!

Does charcoal in soap fade dark spots?

Yes, charcoal soap can fade dark spots over time. This is because the charcoal exfoliates and removes dead skin cells causing the dark spot to brighten! Goat milk also helps to lighten the skin, which is why our Activated Charcoal goat milk soap is perfect for skin lightening, brightening, and removing dark spots!

Does charcoal soap lighten skin?

Some may claim charcoal soap can lighten skin, but it is not scientifically proven. If anything it brightens skin by evening out your skin pigmentation and pulling out the impurities from your pores. When the charcoal removes dead skin cells this allows new skin production which means brighter, younger-looking skin!

Is charcoal soap antifungal?

Yes, charcoal soap is not only anti-fungal it is also:
  • Anti-viral
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial

Charcoal Soap Side Effects

What are the disadvantages of charcoal soap?

While many may see great results and advantages of using charcoal soap there are a few disadvantages. Specifically when using charcoal soap on the face. Potential charcoal soap side effects on face:
  • It could cause mild staining if not washed and rinsed thoroughly
  • Some have found it to be too drying to use on the face

Does charcoal soap clog pores?

No, charcoal soap does not clog pores. In fact, it does the very opposite. Charcoal soap is known to clear pores and reduce the size of pores keeping them from getting clogged with unwanted oil or dirt!

activated charcoal goat milk soap

Try Faith Farms natural, non-toxic activated charcoal goat milk soap!

How to Use Charcoal Soap

You can use charcoal soap in several ways:
  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Body wash
  3. Hand soap
  4. Shampoo
  5. Underarm detox cleanser


This post was all about charcoal soap benefits!
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