Is Natural Laundry Detergent Better? Here's the Truth

Is Natural Laundry Detergent Better? Here's the Truth

This post is going to answer the question thousands of people have been asking in regards to laundry: "is natural laundry detergent better?"

Our simple answer: YES! What you put on your clothes is what you put on your skin (the biggest organ on your body.) So if you are washing your clothes in detergents that are full of toxins and chemicals, then that is what is getting on your skin as you wear your clothes all day and sleep in your bed sheets all night.

This can cause skin irritations, allergies, headaches, and even much more serious conditions like cancer, asthma, and disease.

Personally, I decided to switch to a natural laundry detergent when my newborn daughter suddenly broke out in eczema. Her doctor suggested we switch to a *gentle name brand* detergent I could buy in the store. However, I picked that brand of detergent up off the grocery shelf and saw a huge list of ingredients I could hardly pronounce. That's when I decided to make my own natural laundry soap out of goat milk soap and other ingredients I could pronounce!

That same formula I created is the exact formula we now sell in our goat milk soap business! It has made all the difference in my baby's skin!

Keep reading and we will answer the question, "Why switch to a natural laundry detergent vs a regular laundry detergent?"

We're pretty confident that this post will help you decide whether or not natural laundry detergent is better for you and your home!

Is Natural Laundry Detergent Better?

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Is Natural Laundry Detergent Better for You?

First off.. What is a natural laundry detergent?

If you're aiming for more natural living, switching to natural laundry detergent will be one of your very first steps! Natural laundry detergents are used to clean clothes the same way a regular laundry detergent would, but they use natural ingredients that are found in the environment. They also clean clothes without using toxic chemicals, dyes, and harmful fragrances! PS: Our natural laundry soap does contain fragrance that makes it smell AMAZING. However, we use a natural fragrance that has zero phthalates, parabens, or any other toxic additives!

Does it really matter what laundry detergent you use?

The laundry detergent you use is so important! This is because what you wash your clothes in stays against your skin all day. (And let's remember that your skin is your largest organ, not just a shell we live in!) Therefore, you can use a natural soap and all-natural lotions all day, but if you are washing your clothes in chemicals, your skin can still be negatively affected and you can still have skin issues. Most store-bought laundry detergents contain dangerous toxins that can actually pose life-threading risks.


Natural Laundry Detergent vs. Regular Laundry Detergent

The main difference is regular laundry detergent uses harsh, toxic chemicals such as dioxane, bleach, phtalates, phosphates, etc. while natural laundry detergent uses natural and gentle ingredients to clean your clothes. We will unpack this in the next section.

What are the pros and cons of natural laundry detergent and regular laundry detergent?

Pro's and Con's of "Regular" Laundry Detergent

Pro's: Regular laundry detergent will get your clothes very clean and can get most stains out easily. The scent may also be stronger and last longer on your clothes. Con's: Regular laundry detergent has an endless list of toxic ingredients that may be causing harm to your skin and endocrine system. -- Here is a list of a handful of the toxins in most laundry detergents (coming soon.)

Pro's and Con's of Natural Laundry Detergent

Pro's: Natural laundry detergent is made with simple and natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Con's: You may find that the scent does not last as long on your clothes as regular laundry detergent because natural laundry detergents do not use as strong fragrances. You may also need to use stain remover on harsh stains. We recommend this non-toxic stain remover or you can search online for a recipe to make your own!

But.. Do natural laundry detergents work?

Some natural laundry detergents may work better than others. You have to find a brand that works for you and your needs! Natural laundry detergent is totally worth the switch, especially if you are already dealing with skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, chronically dry skin, or any other skin rashes.

What is the best natural laundry detergent?

We have created a natural, non toxic laundry detergent using our goat milk soap and other natural ingredients and our customers absolutely love it. It is one of our best selling products, right behind our goat milk soap! Check out a few of our natural laundry soap reviews in the next section! ☺️

natural laundry soap

natural laundry soap

Faith Farms Natural Laundry Detergent Reviews

Natural Laundry Detergent Reviews


I am allergic to many laundry soaps. However, after using goatmilk laundry soap I am allergy free. No more itching and dry skin!! I also use the bar goatmilk soap and take it with me on trips. Thank you so much for the good work and God Bless. - Phillip M. Love this laundry soap. Been using it for years, the best! - Beverly


My absolute favorite laundry soap. Love that they have it in Patchouli! Smells amazing and natural. Just like their wonderful patchouli soap 🙂 Cleans clothes very well. Super economical, a little goes a long way. - Evelyn


I LOVE this laundry soap. I have multiple scents and can’t wait to try more. They do a great job getting the laundry clean, they smell great (but not strong or overpowering), and I like that there aren’t harmful ingredients going in to my family’s laundry. Can’t wait to try more from Faith Farms. - Becky Dillman


I’m kinda picky about laundry detergent and I have absolutely found my all time Favorite !!!! This product is better than anything I’ve used in the past. Our clothes are so soft and clean and keep the fabulous scent much longer than anything else. My favorite scent is Rosemary Mint !! - Brenda Wilcox

natural laundry soap

Interested in learning more about switching to other natural products? Check out this post on switching to natural deodorant as well as the benefits of switching to natural lip butter from your traditional chapsticks! We hope this post helped you understand the significance of which laundry detergent you choose to use! Have any questions? Please feel free to comment below!


This post answered the question "is natural laundry detergent better?"

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