100% Natural Lip Butter Benefits (And Why You Should Switch)

100% Natural Lip Butter Benefits (And Why You Should Switch)

This post is all about lip butter benefits!

Have you experienced the vicious cycle that petroleum based drug store lip balm can cause? It may look like something like --> reaching for lip balm --> temporary relief --> chapped lips --> reaching for lip balm.... we want to inform you about a more natural alternative that will actually help your lips and get you out of that toxic cycle!

When we began our goat milk soap business we heard our customers desire to have a lip balm option they could trust! If you are going to be putting a product on your lips it is also being consumed. So we set out to create a lip balm alternative with fewer and natural ingredients that you can pronounce and is safe to be consumed on a daily basis!

We hope you're inspired to make the switch to a natural lip butter like the one we offer after reading these lip butter benefits!

natural lip butter

Try Faith Farms natural lip butter.

Lip Butter Benefits

What is lip butter? Is lip butter the same as lip balm?

Lip butter and lip balm are essentially the same thing. We named our product lip butter because we make it with shea butter and it leaves your lips as soft as butter!

We hand pour each lip butter, so they may not always be as perfectly smooth as store bought lip balms, but your lips will definitely be smooth! Watch the video below to learn more about why lip butter is better for you than regular chapstick!

What does lip butter do? What is the purpose of lip butter?

Lip butter does the same job as any store-bought lip balms but without many of the unnecessary ingredients. It works to soften and hydrate your lips with fewer ingredients. It also protects your lip from wind to keep them from chapping!

Try Faith Farms natural lip butter.


This post was all about lip butter benefits!

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