Beginner's Guide: Switching to Natural Products

Beginner's Guide: Switching to Natural Products

This post is all about switching to natural products!

If you want to make the switch to using natural products in your life, but you are not sure where to begin, then this blog is for you!

We wanted to help make it easier for you to source natural products without having to read all the ingredients and do all the research that comes with it. So we did it for you! We created a guide on some products that we recommend for your home, kitchen, and body!

When we first began our business, Faith Farms, we wanted to use the best ingredients we could find with as few toxic chemicals as possible. Along the way, we have learned about the importance of reducing the exposure to synthetic ingredients, not only in your skincare, but in your life as a whole!

Enjoy this post about switching to natural products.

Switching to Natural Products

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Why switch to natural products

The benefits of natural living go far beyond your present-day health. What you choose to use on your body, put in your body, and the environment you create around you also have a huge impact on your future health! Here are just a few benefits of using natural products:
  1. Fewer allergens that make you sick or compromise your immune system making you healthier and less sick.
  2. Reduces chemical load on your body.
  3. Less likely to irritate.
  4. Not as expensive as you may think!
You'd be shocked when you really start learning about all of the dangerous toxins in the day-to-day products you use in your home. Many of these toxins are actually proven to be cancer-causing. Here's a list of 9 extremely dangerous toxins in laundry detergent, just for one example!

How do I start using natural products?

You can start by working in categories. Think about all the products you use daily and try to find a natural replacement for that product. We have a few recommendations:
  • If you are switching to natural hair products: The kind of shampoo you use is very important. Not only is your shampoo penetrating the skin on your scalp it is also running down your body while you shower. We recommend either using our goat milk soap bars as a natural shampoo or this brand that uses natural ingredients and has zero parabens or phthalates!
  • If you are switching to natural beauty products: You would be amazed at the thousands of toxins in just one of the conventional makeup products you own. We highly recommend one of the best natural cosmetics brands-- A'del Natural Cosmetics for your natural beauty products! They are "A family-run business providing clean, high-end, natural, handcrafted, toxin-free cosmetics. Made in the U.S.A."
  • If you are switching to natural skincare products: Your skin is the largest organ on your body so we need to take into consideration what we use on our skin daily. Our best recommendation is going to be our Faith Farms Goat Milk Soaps for all your skin care needs. Our goat milk soap is natural and can be used in place of facial cleanser, body wash, shampoo, hand soap, and shaving cream (for men and women)! We also have plenty of natural remedies for rashes and other skin issues. -- Don't forget about switching to natural lip butters!
  • If you are switching to natural cleaning products: You can easily DIY your own natural, all-purpose cleaner using distilled white vinegar infused with citrus peels. You simply store some orange, lemon, and/or lime peels in a jar and fill it with white distilled vinegar. Let that sit for 2-4 weeks in a cool, dry place, and filter it into an empty spray bottle. If you are not into DIY we recommend a great all-natural company called Red's Gone Green!
  • If you are switching to natural cooking products: The pots and pans we cook with are so important and switching your cooking products is such a simple switch that can make a huge difference in our exposure to toxins! I would recommend switching to stainless steel and cast iron skillets and using either wood or silicone cooking utensils!

How do I transition to all-natural products?

You may be wondering how to transition to natural products. The secret is to start small! It does not have to be complicated and it does not have to all be at one time especially if you are living on a tight budget.

When you finish one conventional, toxic product simply find a natural replacement for that product! Some all-natural products do take some transitioning time.

For example, if you are switching from conventional deodorant to all-natural deodorant there can be up to a 4 week transition period until the natural deodorant will work well for you!

Another example of something that has a bit of a learning curve is learning to use a cast iron skillet. Cast Iron Skillets require just a little extra care, but they are so worth it to know you are avoiding harmful toxins leaching into your food and you get a little added iron into your diet!

Another one of the eco friendly switches you can make is by switching to natural cleaning products. You may have a tough time trusting your new healthy alternative is doing the job without all the foam, bubbles, and fragrances. Do a little research on the ingredients of the healthy, cleaner ingredients to see the advantages that those ingredients bring to the table and you will have confidence that your new non-toxic cleaners can provide a cleaner and safer environment for you and your loved ones!

How do I start detoxing my life?

If you are ready to begin detoxing your life then focus on these 3 main categories:
  1. Lifestyle: Move your body more, get more sleep, reduce screentime, and get out in nature with grounding and sunlight!
  2. Home: Declutter by throwing out toxic products, switch to natural skincare and cleaning products, add indoor plants to your home to purify the air, and vacuum and dust often! Also, throw out any fragrance plug-ins or sprays in your home. Instead, try an essential oil diffuser or a simmer pot on your stove to freshen up your home naturally!
  3. Food: Buy local and organic whole foods, drink plenty of filtered water and green tea to flush out toxins, avoid plastic storage containers use glass instead, and avoid eating out by cooking as often as you can at home!
This post was all about switching to natural products.
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