10 Easy DIY Travel Soap Case Ideas You Have at Home

10 Easy DIY Travel Soap Case Ideas You Have at Home

This post is full of DIY travel soap case ideas!
Traveling with soap bars can be tricky. You want to put your soap in something that will keep it clean while you travel, while also being able to throw your wet soap back in your bag without getting your other items wet or soapy.
While there are plenty of soap holder options you can buy on Amazon and other stores, we can almost guarantee you have a household item that will work just as well, without having to spend extra money!
We'll also show you how to sew your own soap bar case!
We know you'll find the perfect DIY travel soap case for your trip in this post.

DIY travel soap case

DIY Travel Soap Case

How do you store soap when traveling?

Here are several options for a DIY travel bar soap case!

1. A small Tupperware container -- This is an easy option you more than likely have in your kitchen! Be sure to use a plastic container (not glass.)

2. A small toiletry case -- This is a simple option if you have a bag you're okay with getting soapy inside.

3. A small Ziplock baggy -- A cheap DIY travel soap case option. Bring a handful of these with you and just dispose after use!

3. Any kind of silicone bag -- I like this option because the soap and water can't get out of the bag and these are super easy to rinse off and clean.

4. Mesh produce bag -- This is a convenient option because you can typically drawstring this type of bag. However, you wouldn't want to throw a wet bar of soap in your suitcase in this, for obvious reasons.

5. Bring your soap dish and stick it inside a Ziplock -- If you have a soap dish you use at home, just leave your bar of soap sitting on it and stick the whole thing in a Ziplock. This way, you'll have your soap dish to sit your soap on while you're on your trip!

6. A mason jar -- Use one of these to store your soap while traveling. Just make sure your bag is going to be handled gently so the glass doesn't shatter. - You can even use the jar lids as your soap trays while you're gone.


Etsy also has tons of cute travel soap cases if you decide you'd like to buy one instead.


How to wrap a bar of soap for travel?

If you prefer to wrap your bar of soap for travel, here are a few options:

1. A muslin cloth with rubber bands or hair ties wrapped around it

2. Aluminum foil

3. Stick your soap inside your soap saver, and put it inside a Ziplock  


How do you make a travel soap bag?

If you want to sew together a travel soap bag, here's how to do it!

What you'll need:

  • A washcloth or towel
  • A sewing machine or needle and thread
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • Fabric scissors
  • A ribbon or rubber band

Steps to make your DIY Travel Soap Case:

Step 1: Lay the fabric out and fold it over the bar of soap.

Step 2: Cut it down to the appropriate size, removing the excess material that won't be needed. (Make sure you make it big enough to easily slide the soap bar in and out!)

Step 3: Sew the edges together.

Step 4: Turn the fabric inside-out to hide the seams.

Step 5: Close the soap case with a ribbon, rubber band, or hair tie.


Here's an awesome video on how to sew a DIY soap bag!


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We hope you loved these DIY travel soap case ideas!

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