9 Incredible Uses for Goat Milk Soap (How to Use Goat Milk Soap)

9 Incredible Uses for Goat Milk Soap (How to Use Goat Milk Soap)

This post is all about how to use goat milk soap!

If you have never heard of goat milk soap you may be wondering why or how someone may use it! There are numerous uses and benefits that I have found in my own life. I have found it to be true that once you try goat milk soap it can be hard to use any other kind!

So we wanted to write this blog to explain the many ways you can use goat milk soap in your own life!

Enjoy this post about how to use goat milk soap!

how to use goat milk soap

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How to Use Goat Milk Soap

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There are many different ways people use goat milk for their health. In this post, we're going to specifically unpack how it is used through goat milk soap!

How to Use Goat Milk Soap for Skin

There are many ways to use goat milk soap on your skin! Here are some examples:
  • Body wash
  • Facial cleanser
  • Bath soak
  • Shampoo
  • Hand washing
  • Shaving
The possibilities are truly endless! We even offer goat milk laundry soap on our website so you can know exactly what is transferring from your clothes to your skin all day long!

How to Use Goat Milk Soap on Face

You can use goat milk soap twice a day on your face as a facial cleanser to wash away excess oil and dirt! You can scrub the soap on your face directly from the bar or you can use a washcloth to help exfoliate.

Here's a more detailed guide on how to clean your face with goat milk. If you have sensitive skin you should begin with an Unscented Bar of Goat Milk Soap as a trial run and to be sure you will not have any negative reactions.

I would also highly recommend Activated Charcoal Goat Milk Soap or Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap as your facial cleanser.

  • Activated charcoal is great for magnetically pulling dirt from your pores and reducing the overall size of your pores helping to prevent more acne.
  • Tea Tree essential oil is believed to have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties shown to be helpful in combating skin infection/inflammation such as psoriasis, or acne, etc.

PRO TIP: Goat milk soap can even help to lighten the skin and dark spots.

How to Use Goat Milk Soap for Hair

Using goat milk soap for hair can be beneficial in a number of ways! Many of our customers have told us over the years that they love to use our goat milk soap for their hair! Here is one of our reviews:

"Love love love these soaps! Peppermint is my favorite. I love using my peppermint soap instead of shampoo…..my hair has a lot more body." - Debbie B.

Conventional shampoo has so many toxins and chemicals that can create a build up on your hair overtime. If you suffer from any scalp issues such as flakiness from dandruff then using goat milk soap on your hair could help to heal your scalp and add moisture while cleansing. Here is how to use goat milk soap for hair:

  1. Brush your hair. This helps to get any tangles out and helps to loosen any dry skin or debris on the scalp.
  2. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water.
  3. Take your soap bar and massage into your hair until it suds up and scrub your scalp.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and repeat step 3 if needed.
  5. Condition as usual.
uses for goat milk soap

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Goat Milk Soap Q&A

Can I use goat milk soap everyday?

Yes! As often as you would use soap you can use goat milk soap everyday. It can be used on your hands anytime you need to wash your hands in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink. We offer a foaming goat milk soap that works great if you want something different than a bar of soap. It can also be used regularly in the shower as body wash, facial cleanser, even shampoo!

Can you use goat milk soap right away?

Goat Milk Soap is usually made using an old fashioned method which includes lye, oils, and goat milk. You may hear the word lye and become concerned because lye is known for being a strong caustic soda that can burn the skin or clothing. Lye is made by leaching wood ashes with water so it is a very natural alkali metal hydroxide, otherwise known as sodium hydroxide, and is crucial in aid in the saponification process.

This website does a great job of explaining how the saponification process works: "Saponification is the process in which triglycerides are combined with a strong base to form fatty acid metal salts during the soap-making process. The distribution of unsaturated and saturated fatty acid determines the hardness, aroma, cleansing, lather, and moisturizing abilities of soaps."

The great news is once the saponification process is complete (this takes approximately 4-6 weeks) the lye is no longer in the bar of soap and is ready for use! In short, goat milk soap can be used as soon as the saponification process is complete!

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Can I put goat milk soap on my face?

Goat milk soap works great as a gentle facial cleanser! Because goat milk soap naturally contains alpha hydroxy acids it works to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin on your face!

I would recommend a Lavender Goat Milk Soap if you are looking for something extra gentle or a Tea Tree Goat milk soap if you need any help with acne.

Can I shower with goat milk soap?

Yes, you can absolutely shower with goat milk soap! In fact, if you are not accustomed to using a bar of soap vs. a body wash type of soap maybe you could try using a soap saver! Soap savers help make a bar of soap easier to hold on to as you scrub while also creating some suds. I even use my goat milk soap suds to shave so I never buy the toxic shaving creams anymore!

uses for goat milk soap

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Is goat milk soap better than Dove soap?

You can learn all about goat milk soap vs. regular soap here. Most soaps you typically buy at a run-of-the-mill store are water-based and detergent-like. They are meant to clean the oils and impurities off your skin, but in the process, they strip your skin of needed oils and moisture.

Goat milk soap is a gentle cleanser because the milk is the base. This provides a soothing and nutrient-packed clean without stripping your skin of moisture. Goat milk is a "superfood for the skin"! It also adds the vitamins and minerals from the milk to your skin instead of stripping it from your skin!

Is goat milk soap good for older skin?

Yes, goat milk soaps are gentle with older skin because it has a lower pH and can help improve skin elasticity. The vitamin A in goat milk aids in healthy skin turnover and can help prevent fine lines and signs of aging.

How long does it take for goat milk soap to work?

Most see and feel immediate results when they begin using goat milk soap in place of their conventional soaps. It leaves your skin feeling more moisturized and will not give you that itchy feeling you may get when using a typical bar of soap.

We have heard many testimonials of people with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and cracked, bleeding skin that has had astonishing results when switching to goat milk soap!

You can learn more about the best soap to use for eczema here!

Which company goat milk soap is best?

I would highly recommend our Faith Farms Goat Milk Soaps and Foaming Goat Milk Soaps! We use only simple, pronounceable ingredients in our soaps with no dyes or chemicals, and all our products are phthalate and paraben free! We also do not outsource our goat milk from other farmers.

We use the raw goat milk from our own farm that we hand milk fresh everyday from our herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats! The milk goes directly from the goat to the freezer so it is as fresh as it can be and ready for the soapmaking process!

Does goat milk soap help with body odor?

Goat milk soap, like any soap, is great for cleaning odor-causing bacteria from the skin. You can use goat milk soap anywhere on the body to get rid of body odor. I would suggest an activated charcoal soap to help pull out the impurities in the skin and cleanse your pores. You may also want to try a natural deodorant to mask any unwanted body odor! Our natural deodorants are very gentle and contain no aluminum, parabens, or phthalates!

goat milk soap uses

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Goat Milk Soap Benefits

There are countless benefits of goat milk soap that will make you want to use it for the rest of your life! In short, here are just a few of the benefits:
  • Benefit 1: Gently cleanses without stripping your skin of moisture.
  • Benefit 2: Aids in repairing damaged skin faster.
  • Benefit 3: Adds vitamins and minerals to the skin with every use.
Sometimes people ask "what are the disadvantages of goat soap?" but there are very few! The only disadvantages of goat milk soap include....
  • Disadvantage 1: You may have an allergy to goat milk or an oil that is used to make the soap this could cause an allergic reaction.
  • Disadvantage 2: Can cause irritation if it gets in your eyes.
This post was all about how to use goat milk soap!
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