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Faith Farms Goat Milk Soap

Acne Goat Milk Products Bundle

Acne Goat Milk Products Bundle

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The perfect Faith Farms goat milk products bundle for those struggling with acne.

How do these products help with acne?

Tea Tree essential oil: tea tree oil is known for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help reduce inflamed or non-inflamed acne on the skin! It can also help reduce acne-causing bacteria on the skin as well as reduce pore size and oiliness.

Activated Charcoal: activated charcoal contains magnetic properties which can pull dirt and other impurities out of your skin and pores. This can help with acne and can improve your overall complexion!

Just Plain laundry soap: if you are struggling with body acne, we would highly recommend switching to an all-natural laundry soap that has no fragrances or toxins added. Clothes being washed in toxic ingredients and then having them sitting on your body all day long could very well be contributing to any body acne you may be struggling with.

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