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Faith Farms Goat Milk Soap

Blackberry Laundry Soap

Blackberry Laundry Soap

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Blackberry is one of our MOST popular scents. It smells like freshly picked juicy blackberries with a bright citrus undertone, perfectly blended to bring back those summertime memories.

Simple and effective laundry soap with no unnecessary chemicals!  Only 1 tablespoon required for a normal load of clothes in a high efficiency washing machine or 2 tablespoons in a regular washer!  Our large laundry soap is 32 ounces and is available in a refill bag or the laundry tub. Our sample size is approximately 4 ounces.

Ingredients: Borax, Washing Soda, Goat Milk, Saponified Coconut Oil, and Paraben/Phthalate Free Fragrance oil 

Do not use if allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use if reaction or sensitivity occurs.

Available in 32 ounce reusable tubs, 32 ounce refills, or 4 ounce samples.

Best results if the laundry soap is put in washer before the clothes.

Why Faith Farms products are different:

Our products are handmade on our family’s farm and are made with absolutely NO harmful chemicals: No dyes, parabens, phthalates, or any other toxic additives or preservatives!

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